About Us
With an administrative staff possessing an experience in the sector for over 25 years, we at Apron Global Logistics have joined a disciplined attitude and an approach of focusing on innovative solutions to found a young company that brings the logistics industry a better choice and a new face. Sourcing our dynamism from our young structure and our perfectionist attitude from our experience, our top most priority is to bring you a solution partnership by starting with your requirements and issues in the logistics sector. In this regard, we have initiated our services as a company that offers a fully equipped integrated logistic operation including International Land, Air, Sea Transport and Storage-Distribution options.

At Apron Global Logistics, trustworthiness, quality service and customer satisfaction are values that are highly upheld. In order to increase our service quality, we widen our product range from day to day and believe in the priority of investing in people. Together with our team of professionals, customer demands are answered immediately, orders and products are delivered safely and on time. 
Apron Global Logistics was founded on the principle that it is the right of every person to have better working conditions in a better world and also that it is the right or every establishment to offer better services.
Strengthening and maintaining our brand recognition with our team of experts and providing a permanent trust by obtaining a strong economical structure within the next 5 years in Turkey and in the global sector with a national capital of 100 %.